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After many years of work, at the service of our clients, we offer a very complete range of services


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Instalaciones Madrileñas SECIS, S.L. has a team with extensive experience in both residential and industrial installations and constructions, specialized in reforms and implantations in Offices, singular buildings, residential works, commercial stores, etc …

The quality of its work, the customization of the same, a good cost-effectiveness ratio and an optimal adjustment to the completion times, are a constant objective for SECIS, which works in this way with the sole purpose of obtaining the greatest benefit for our clients.

Last News

New Award! Works in the Senate Palace

We have been awarded the renovation works of rooms 10107 and 10108 in the basement, intended for technical rooms and warehouses, and the repair of sanitation in the patios and other complementary actions on the ground floor of the Palacio del Senado building. The...

Molecular Biology Center

We have been awarded the works to cover the outdoor parking spaces of the Severo Ochoa Molecular Biology Center. The Severo Ochoa Molecular Biology Center (CBMSO) is an experimental research center in the areas of molecular, cellular and biomedicine biology. Founded...

José Germain Psychiatric Institute, Leganés

We are currently carrying out renovation works of spaces in the long-term psychiatric care unit, located on the Santa Teresa estate of the José Germain University Hospital in Leganés. The José Germain Mental Health Services Psychiatric Institute is a public health...

El plantío sports pavilion

We are currently working on the facilities of the El Plantío Sports Pavilion, Coslada. Our job consists of correcting the existing construction deficiencies in the Pavilion. The areas of intervention are: 1. Spa-spa area.2. Perimeter pool beach area.3. Pool glass...

Correo´s Office, Genesis Building, Madrid

On May 27 we have delivered the work of the Post Offices in the Genesis building. We adapt floors 16 and 17 as offices for the use of both face-to-face and non-face-to-face personnel. The Genesis Building is a property owned by SEPIDES, located on Avda. de Burgos No....

Animal Protection Center, Rivas-Vaciamadrid

We have been awarded the interior conditioning works and common areas and facilities of the Rivas-Vaciamadrid Comprehensive Animal Protection Center. The center is located on Avenida de la Técnica, next to the soccer fields of Santa Ana. Until the beginning of this...

Acuartelamiento Capitán Sevillano

There is little left to finish the adaptation works of the Transformation Center 3, Capitán Sevillano Nucleus, Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid. Our work has been based on the adaptation and replacement of the electrical lines that provide service from the transformation...

Alcalá Meco Prison

We have been awarded the works in the infirmary of the Alcalá Meco women's prison. Our work will consist of adapting to health regulations and remodeling the nursing department at C.P. Madrid I. The Alcalá Meco prison is located in the municipality of Alcalá de...

Office adaptation, Correos, Edificio Genesis

SECIS begins the works of adaptation of the new building for administrative services of CORREOS in the Genesis building, located on avda. de Burgos No. 8B, Madrid. The Genesis building is exclusively for offices and is located in a closed area consisting of a ground...

San Bernardo, 49, Madrid

We are doing various repair works according to the ITE of the building of the headquarters of the State School Council of the current Ministry of Education and Professional Training (MEFP). Located at number 49 of San Bernardo street. This building of the old Central...

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